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Hola amigos, this game was really funny and I somehow managed to get jumpscared. Enjoy the video STAND UP COMEDIAN | The Unique Adventure

I must admit, this one seriously caught me on the back foot, but it was sooo much fun to play. Perfectly strange, occasionally very creepy, and so, so infuriating at times! But I made a video, I'm glad to see that you guys haven't recorded thousands of names, and that I just happened to pick the right one!!

I tried out the game and got one of the two endings. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and I made a let's play video on it, giving my thoughts. I do plan to play through it again to get the alternate ending.

Why am i so stupid and always take the wrong paths? xD

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Download ain't workin D:

Check if you aren't blocking your pop-ups :) And sorry for the late reply.

is darkest desire studio dead and not coming back? It’s been 4 years, now 2021.

It seems clear now that we won’t have anymore updates.

The Facebook is now gone.

This game was so different from your last one, Dead Loop! I was surprised by the tone, but I really enjoyed play it, it's one of the best Stanley Parable-inspired games I've ever played. You did a really got job keeping things fresh and fun, and the narration was on par with Stanley Parable itself! Kudos to you across the board, really fun experience.

Only gripe I would have is the lack of plot. After the introduction it's sort of...forgotten it seemed like, in favor of just silly antics. I'm sure you have more in mind for the full version, but that's just something that stuck out. Apart from that, it's pretty hard for me to find stuff to complain about!

Watch my Lumps Play! If you're new, Lumps Plays = pop-up commentary like VH1 from back in the day. Check me out for a fresh take on the Let's Play formula, you'll like it :P

The Unique Adventure is exactly as the title suggests, it's very unique!

The game is driven heavily by a narrative experience so if you aren't a fan of those types of games, than this isn't for you. If you are, then you will love it!

The graphics and environment look very nice for an indie game as Darkest Desire Studio kills it again in this department. The interactions and controls all handle extremely well as I never found myself straining to open a door or interact with an object. The music and soundtrack are all perfectly spot-on and match the tone of the game. Even the voice acting makes for a few laughs and just adds to the overall atmosphere.

There are very few negatives that I could find with this demo: maybe that it was a bit too long for a demo with some parts making time drag a bit? I don't really know, that might be grasping at straws at that point.

Overall, The Unique Adventure is a REALLY fun experience and it certainly sets a unique bar that other games should seek to reach too, great job again Desire!

I made a Let's Play of Unique Adventure so I hope you check it out and let me know what you think!

THE STANLEY PARABLE 2 ?! | The Unique Adventure Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough


This game taught me about how hard headed and stupid I really am. Watch at your own risk.

Absolutely great game, can't wait to see this when it's done! Really hope this gets funded!

Gameplay Video:

Here is my gameplay for such a lovely game :)

I really liked this game! Funny, nice gameplay, all together a rather relaxing game! Here is my playthrough if anyone is interested!

for some reson it wont downlode\install for me

What exactly happens when you click on the download link?

my brutally honest review of the game