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I loved it! Not really a concept I see anywhere else. Really enjoyed it; thank you so much for developing and distributing it! This is my playthrough, if anybody's interested.

Gave it a go...

Just uploaded a video on your game, I know this game got cancelled or something now but when I made the video I had no idea. Either way, this wasn't bad it was actually pretty good would've loved to see what the full game was going to be all about. But that's okay. 

Neat stuff, would definitely be interested in seeing more.

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Played the demo, didn't know it was cancelled at the time but it was ok.

*Rurr* Hello! I made a Let's Play of the demo! I decided not to take the pill :P

This game was awesome, I like the choice between two different stories, and it also had great humor/atmosphere!

I played this a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to comment and let you know I really liked it and hope for the best for the game in the future! I wanna see where that elevator leads :P

Check out my Lumps Play—100% visual let's plays with quippy-riffy pop-up commentary.


Great game man, definitely wish there was more!


First can I say sorry it took me so long to get to this game! Second on the game itself I can see some promise here, I like the different take on the game depending on whether or not you take the pill.

This is a very cool and well made horror game. The graphics are beautiful to look at, the music is creepy and atmospheric, and the story is compelling. I 100% agree with the developers in saying that games need to have a good story, especially when it comes to horror games. I want to have a reason and cause for my reason to not advance. I want to feel the dread of whats hunting me and how it could pop up and scare the crap out of me any minute. Aside from the great atmosphere, the voice acting is rather decent and makes the in game character seem more human in their struggle. All in all, a nice up and coming indie horror game with a lot of potential and I can't wait to see the final version. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

A HAUNTING PAST? | Dead Loop [Demo]

Hey there, I thought that was an interesting game, I look forward to the full version, if I see this on gamejolt I will be sure to support it. Good work with the two different endings too. Gameplay link is attached.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Thanks for the demo, glad you enjoyed it ^_^ It is on gamejolt as well, but as we aren't huge fans of that website, it never made it to the featured games.

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I know why. When I tried to download the game my Antivirus Defence refused to accept the download and prevented it, I had to override it. And usually I would not do that however I could tell this was an authentic game. Others may be getting the same. I'm not sure how it is caused but perhaps if you changed how the game can be installed or change the files so the browser will permit it. As it is I tried to install it again but the link for indieDB said it has expired so no files can be downloaded.

nice XD